Investor Relations Specialist with potential to grow 

Karnov Group (Publ) is the leading provider of legal and tax & accounting information services in Denmark and Sweden. Karnov was founded on one man’s belief that access to the law is the foundation of every great society and our legacy dates back to 1867.
With strong brands such as Karnov, Norsteds Juridik, VJS, Notisum, Change Board Member and Forlaget Andersen, Karnov Group delivers knowledge and insights to more than 60.000 users.

Karnov is organized into two geographical financial reporting segments and product offering. Subject to a few variations, it’s similar in both countries.
We have over 60,000 lawyers, legal professionals and accountants in both public and private sector who depend on Karnov’s services to get their work done.  Karnov Group is listed on Nasdaq, Stockholm, Mid Cap segment.


You will be joining

As an IR Specialist you will join the financial team and work closely with both the CFO and the CEO and Head of IR. You will be a member of the Insider Committee together with CEO and CFO evaluating all external and internal information disclosure ensuring MAR and listing compliance.

Further you will work in close collaboration with Director of Marketing and Group PR as well as the financial reporting team.

The CEO is ultimately responsible for all internal and external Group communication and you will work closely with the whole team to ensure that clear and correct information is provided, and that Karnov Group is communicated in a correct way to external stakeholders.


Role and responsibilities

The main responsibility is to ensure information disclosure procedures and an effective IR function. You will be highly involved in financial and operational development ensured through close contact with the Group Management Team and participation in the Insider Committee.

You will develop and establish channels for quarterly presentations such as audiocast, invitation, presentation, key ratios on website etc.

You will ensure a proactive and high service level communication to investors and analysts, joint IR-function with CEO and CFO including participation in investor and analyst meetings – developing investor relations and understanding of the investment case and development.

One of your tasks will be to Secure quality assurance and publication of press releases such as IR releases including financial reports in particular.

Quality assurance and collaboration regarding all internal and external news flow ensuring policy and defined procedures will also be part of your responsibility.

We expect that your toolbox contains elements to:

  • Establish tools and framework for investor intelligence including ownership/investor monitoring and proactive analysis in line with ownership structure targets, ahead of road shows and investor meetings
  • External news flow monitoring and alerts to Group Management and the Board
  • Continuous content updates of Group IR website with focus on quarterly results, general meetings and following annual report
  • Ensure continuous insider training for new insiders
  • General IR advisory
  • Policy review and updates
  • Further development of annual report structure and content including Sustainability reporting in cooperation with HR
  • Support in the AGM/EGM processes with publication of documents, presentations etc.
  • Support to the board of directors, audit committee, remuneration committee etc. with meeting coordination, upload of documents, minutes of meetings and the administration around the monthly meetings and yearly AGM and EGM.


What you need to succeed

Skilled and experienced IR Specialist or Manager with successful listing(s) on the track record and with a desire and ability to grow into a role as an IR Manager within 1-2 years.  
Documented good relations to NASDAQ, Stockholm, and a broad variety of investors

  • Knows what it takes to work in a listed company in the Swedish stock market, 
  • Knows what is “must have” and “must do” as a listed company in relation to website, communication and PR
  • Possess an ability to create PR and communication based on your financial knowledge.
  • Be able to define and communicate financial statements based on brief notes from CFO and CEO
  • Structure all tasks around the information and communication flow in a listed company, understands NASDAQ, MAR, Silent Period, confidential information etc.
  • Used to handle presentations, audio casts, communications with investors and other stakeholders, planning of roadshows after release of Q-reports and all practical tasks around it.

As a person you possess a strategic mindset with a hands-on attitude. Strong analytical skills. Trustworthy and reliable with high integrity. You are a goal oriented “self-starter” with a team-oriented personality. Mature, humble and non-prestigious. Preferably with leadership potential. Excellent communication skills. Robust and high integrity. Works in a structured manner and delivers timely and with excellent quality. Prefers to work hands-on with a can-do attitude and a good mood.

We think you hold a master’s degree in economics and have good knowledge of the financial disciplines as well as excellent communication skills.



Your daily tasks will be solved in Karnov Group’s office in the heart of Copenhagen and we therefore anticipate that you live in either Southern Sweden or the Copenhagen area. You may expect travels to Stockholm to some extent.


How to apply

For this recruitment Karnov Group is cooperating with Burro Advisors. For further information about the vacant position, please contact Tobias Löfgren (+46707999209,

Send your application complete with CV and cover letter in English.

The application deadline is august 18 2019.

You can also read about this position and apply on LinkedIn


Investor Relations Specialist