Are you motivated by designing and performing customer research? Are you passionate about analyzing data and presenting actionable insights for stakeholders in the local/Nordic organizations? Then our Market Researcher position might be an interesting position for you. You can work either out of Sweden or Denmark.


About us | Become part of the development

Now is the perfect time to become part of Karnov Group! In Karnov Group, you will experience a company in rapid development, where the business is being rethought and digitized and where we are continuously transforming from a traditional publishing house to a state-of-the-art information technology company. Karnov Group is a leading supplier of business-critical information in Law, Tax, Audit and Accounting as well as Environment, Health and Safety in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain and Portugal. Our solutions are based on reliable knowledge, authored by subject experts, and communicated via technology.

In Business Development & Insights, the dedicated insight team is responsible for providing the organization in Denmark and Sweden with the right basis for decisions regarding our users and customers. We are all in all 9 people, where the insight team caters for 5. You will report to Director of Business Development & Insights.


About the job | High quality interviews | Qualitative and quantitative customer research

You manage customer research activities in tight collaboration with insight managers and stakeholders with the aim to deliver actionable insights to the local and Nordic organization. You perform high quality interviews and surveys where the adequate methods and samples are collected and chosen. You perform qualitative and quantitative customer research, including hands-on interviewing and running focus groups, in accordance with the standards and the quality set up. You design research briefs, questionnaires, and interview guides, and also analyze the data by different methods in order to deliver insightful facts to the organization. You arrange and coordinate project logistics when it comes to timeline, resources, and goals, whether it is an inhouse project or a project entailing an external partner. The scripting of questionnaires, as well as analyzing the results and creating impactful research reports, lies in your hands.

Besides the above you:

  • Support the local/Nordic organization’s concrete customer research activities with knowledge, guidance and standards.
  • Set up sustainable and adequate standards for customer validation together with the team.
  • Run a well-functioning and sustainable customer panel to be used by the local/Nordic organizations.
  • Contribute to the overall department’s goals and tasks.


About you | Excellent collaboration skills | Strong interpersonal and social skills

You will succeed in the role when you apply your analytical abilities and your systematic and detail-oriented approach alongside your collaboration skills and your excellent interpersonal and social skills. The latter you use on a daily basis interacting with various stakeholders and decision makers in the organization. The analytical part is crucial when conducting calculations, tabulations and statistical tests of the data, and when you interpret data in order to refine them into actionable insights for the requesters. You put your business understanding into play when you screen stakeholder’s diverse wishes and turn them into prioritized, well-defined, and planned insight activities. You work independently and drive your own work but yet you involve and align with team colleagues and stakeholders when needed.

Besides the above, you have:

  • A higher degree within Information Studies, Business or Systems Sciences
  • 2-3 years of experience from a market research company
  • Excellent knowledge in Excel and Powerpoint
  • Knowledge of either Swedish or Danish and you are used to speaking English as it is our group language
  • Experience of working in software and systems like Qualtrics, Hubspot, Tableau and Amplitude, or similar


We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions regarding the role, you are welcome to write to Therese Järnankar, Director of Business Development & Insights, or phone +46 706906145. Send your application no later than October 2nd 2023.


Market Researcher