Senior DevOps Engineer

Karnov Group is the leading provider of legal and tax & accounting information services in Denmark and has a solid base in both Denmark and Sweden serving lawyers, legal professionals, tax and accounting experts, and auditors within the public and private sector. We have been operating for almost a century!  

Karnov has a dedicated in-house development team that numbers close to 40 people. 

You will be joining the "Core Services" team, responsible for application infrastructure and core services, including moving all the existing applications and services to Google Cloud Platform. Your work will improve the productivity of your co-workers and the security and reliability of Karnovs products. You will work with two other DevOps, and together you will set the guidelines, policies, tools etc. for the migration process. Karnov has already started the migration journey, but there is still some way to go.

You will take the lead for this journey and make sure the 6 teams of developers at Karnov are supported and guided in the process.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Building software and systems to manage infrastructure and applications through automation  
  • Deployment, support and monitoring of the platform and application stack
  • Measurement and optimization of system performance
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Ensuring that security is a natural part of automation and deployment pipeline  
  • Ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements   
  • Explore and evaluate new technologies and solutions to push capabilities forward, getting people incentivized to transform, innovate and continually improve. 


Karnov expects you to:

  • Be an excellent communicator and collaborator
  • Be an expert on cloud infrastructure and networking, including Kubernetes and Docker
  • Have proven track record with security and compliance work
  • Be experienced in implementing infrastructure and application level monitoring and alerting
  • Be a competent programmer focused on automation and development pipeline setup
  • Have experience with Bash, Go, Ansible and Drone
  • Be pragmatic with awareness of your customers’ needs and the problem you’re solving for them
  • Enthusiastic about tooling and high-level system design
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform in particular is a plus.

Karnov believes in education and strengthening skills. We believe in a great social side of the work place with parties, inspirational talks, hack-days, and events. You will work in a company that looks forward. From the virtual reality lab to the data scientists, Karnov is always trying to be years ahead of the curve. We are open and direct, knowledge sharing and discussion is highly valued and encouraged.  


Apart from this you will also get:

  • Competitive salary package
  • Flexible working hours and the possiblity to work from home
  • Attractive pension plan
  • 5 weeks holiday and 5 extra days off
  • Health Insurance (children included)
  • Daily on-site catering and more

The impressive facilities are located in a fun and lively neighborhood close to Nørreport Metro and S-train. 


Senior DevOps Engineer