Karnov Group offers a key role in developing and building our legal research platform effectively and with confidence.

An ideal opportunity for you who is motivated by developing applications and thrives in an environment advocating innovation, communication, and collaboration.

As our new backend developer, you will join one of our cross functional platform teams. Our applications are written utilising Ruby in the backend with a React frontend, most are hosted using Docker on the Google Cloud platform. We support several smaller projects along with our main customer facing platform. We drive a “you-build-it-you-run-it mentality” and our mantra is that “We only do it if it makes sense.” There is a healthy mix of new greenfield work, as well as improvement of our legacy applications. We are more often refactoring existing features than creating new one. The project is well maintained, and code is tested and readable.


The role

You will be joining one of our teams that are working with our legal research platform. Serving as both a quality ensuring person along with collaborating with your peers performing code reviews, pair programming and writing high quality code with good test coverage. Implementation across portfolio as well as being a team player with an agile mind-set defines you in your daily work. You are passionate about software development and strive for the best way forward to optimise and refine processes and methodologies.


Your skills

We expect you are proficient in Ruby and that you write tidy and solid code. You are used to work with automatic code linting. Testing is built into the work you do. Pair coding is something you are used to. We expect that you know your Ruby syntax and have worked with both Ruby on Rails as API only, but also used as a full stack platform. Experience in JavaScript and ReactJS is considered as a merit.


This is what you bring

To be successful in the role, you will bring an engineer’s approach to problem- and solution solving. Experience in building complex enterprise applications with lot of business requirements is perceived as an advantage. It is a prerequisite that you are a solid practitioner of Test-Driven-Development, as well as you are a proficient and thoughtful programmer with excellent skills. Lastly, great skills within communication and collaboration are an advantage as Karnov Group advocates such culture.


An excellent job with great opportunities

Karnov Group takes pride in our friendly, inclusive, and supportive environment where we inspire one another to be positive. We have a business that understands the value of data driven decisions and that understand the value of removing technical dept and a good life/work balance. Knowledge sharing and discussion is highly valued and encouraged. Karnov Group values diversity; currently we are more than 16 nationalities in our team, and we would be happy to have even more countries represented.

We offer a position in an ambitious company with great opportunities for professional and personal development with an attractive salary package, great flexibility and opportunities for further education and courses. You will have remarkably high skilled colleagues working in a dynamic environment. We believe in close collaboration across the entire business to serve our customers every day. We take pride in acting as role models to always walk the talk and getting things done.

The position is in Copenhagen.


This is how you proceed

If you want to know more about the role or who we are, you are welcome to contact Bjarke Holm-Rubeksen, +45 20 44 33 00. We aim to fill the position as soon as possible and will evaluate applications as they arrive. 


Ruby Backend Software Engineer