Data Scientists

We love data acrobats. Those who take a chaotic unstructured mass of data points and use their skills in math, statistics and programming to clean, massage and organize it. Then they apply all their analytics powers - Machine Learning, contextual understanding, skepticism of existing assumptions - to uncover hidden patterns and creating solutions to our customers' challenges.

Software engineers

Working as a software engineer at Karnov Group you are beyond passionate about software programming and architecture. We put a lot of value in providing an awesome working environment where everybody inspires each other to a high quality of work across teams and projects. We always try to keep a good balance between developing new projects and features, as well as improving existing products and services.

Digital specialists 

We are digital rockstars with execution capabilities, determined to prime Karnov Group for delivering value to our customer. We believe in customer validation by building low fidelity tangible prototypes and minimum viable products. We take responsibility for projects in our portfolio from genesis to launch, spread a cross-organisation customer focus and abolishing waste in the ecosystem.

Charlotte Arup

Chief Human Resources Officer